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My name is Hilary Marling. I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, working in private practice with individuals and couples.
I provide both short term and long term open-ended therapeutic work.


"I reached out to Hilary during a time in which I was really struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings. That all changed after my sessions with her. Her empathy and insight helped me move forward and think about things in a completely new way. Now I feel so much more free to enjoy life the way I had always hoped to. I encourage anyone to follow in my footsteps and connect with Hilary as soon as possible." 

"Today I have a relationship with my son that I never thought was possible. We play “geeky” games, laugh and even talk in an open way that is both new to me and my family. We owe this to you. Your patient guidance and support. Your capacity to really listen to what we needed and really hear how we were hurting in our own ways. You helped us to create a healing bridge between the two islands that we once were. It wasn’t always easy, but your empathy and kindness, experience and playfulness infected us in such a positive way. I will always be grateful to the work we did together."

"I started seeing Hilary because I felt awful about myself. I was in a relationship that was unhealthy and toxic and struggled to cut the ties with my then partner. With Hilary’s help I explored the root of the difficulties that I was experiencing, and I started focusing on developing a healthier relationship with myself. The relationship eventually ended but only because I had made significant work on myself. Hilary has been instrumental in helping me understand myself and untangled years of bottled up feelings and behaviors. She has helped me manage my anxiety and address issues with my identity as an Asian ethnicity growing up in a western society, something that I previously did not think was possible. At times it has been an extremely difficult and tough process, but I felt genuine support and understanding from Hilary. This has made me trust in the process and helped me stay committed to attending each session."

Professional Testimonial

"I have worked with Hilary for over 10 years in varying professional capacities. She has a natural empathy and genuine interest with all those she works with and gives a great deal of her self in her therapeutic work.
A client can expect to be held in a safe and boundaried space and given the opportunity to explore and voice what they need to in full confidence and without judgement and prejudice. Hilary is able to bring warmth and genuine human connection with her clients and help them to understand unhealthy patterns and where they may unconsciously be replaying outdated behavioural patterns and effectively assist a client to adapt and attune to their own needs in an empowering manner promoting greater self-awareness and personal growth.
She is highly effective and experienced at working with family systems, addiction, loss and bereavement, trauma, stress, anxiety etc. I frequently refer clients to her with full confidence that they will be getting a well-trained, grounded and soulfully authentic counsellor who can and will give her clients the full extent of her long history of experience and wisdom."

What is Counselling?

"It's all about Relationship"


Emerging evidence from clinical research suggests that it is the depth and quality of relationship and not necessarily the type of therapy received, that repairs the wounds of childhood attachment difficulties. What is recognised as important and crucial to this process is that you are seen, heard and accepted, so that new ways of relating emerge, creating a deeper connection to self and others.
Holding this in mind, I practise in a relationally-oriented and clinically grounded way, offering both long- and short-term therapy. Counselling can offer a supportive space to help manage something difficult or help to see things differently, or from a different perspective. I offer a confidential space in which to explore, at your own pace, the difficulties you may be facing at this time. I am an integrative transpersonal counsellor and work relationally, meaning the heart of the work is a respectful therapeutic relationship with my clients.
Therapy can be a safe space to explore and feel the losses we might not have fully grieved. Grieving the lost parts of ourselves as well as grieving for what is lost or what was never ours. Attending to the parts of ourselves that have been neglected, forgotten or banished can be a painful yet healing and restorative process. Slowly these split off parts of ourselves can be brought back from the shadows and into the light of day, so they may be reintegrated into the body, heart and soul, making us feel more whole and present in our lives. 

“Embrace your grief, for there your soul will grow”

Carl Jung

My Services

I practice under an integrative approach which means I draw from a variety of models and techniques of counselling and psychotherapy to ensure that anyone who comes to see me has the opportunity to be met and understood as a unique individual.

I provide a safe, contained and confidential space, where you can explore your unique issues in the presence of a qualified professional, as well as providing a non-judgemental and supportive space for you to work at your own pace. The principal goal in therapy is to assist in the learning of trusting in your own process, which gives way to self-empowerment and the ability to make choices from a deeper part of yourself. My role is to guide and witness this, whilst offering an empathic inquiry into your past experiences. 

Consulting Room, Camden

Consulting Room, Angel

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Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. The BACP works to promote the role and relevance of the counselling professions in improving psychological wellbeing and mental health. It promotes and develops safe, ethical and competent practice in counselling and psychotherapy. 


Registered Member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy. 
The UKCP is the leading organisation for psychotherapists and psychotherapeutic counsellors in the UK. Alongside offering professional support for its members it regulates the profession and promotes access to psychotherapy for all.


Room 7, 394 Camden Road, LONDON N7 0SJ 


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phone: 07951 498422

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Fri: 12:00 - 20:00

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